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The Frenchie is in her new glass case and is looking for a home. Due to the fragility of this piece we can only offer collection from the store. This piece is truly one of a kind and is available now for £750. - www.theweirdandwonderful.com

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The Rescue Religion →


Rescue has become a religion. While we were all fighting over how many health tests and titles a dog should have before a breeder lets it reproduce, the breeder haters have been busy recruiting. The only thing these people see is the number of dogs that are euthanized every year. And while that is a horrible tragedy because, as somebody who has worked in rescue for seven years, I absolutely hate that any healthy happy perfectly adoptable dog needs to die, what the breeder haters are missing is the “why”. Why are we euthanizing adoptable dogs? Why are shelters with empty kennels still sticking to the “8 days to find a home” mandate? Why are we using more resources to turn down potential owners for not having a fence when we should be using those resources to place the dogs left behind?

Worth reading for the following line alone. :)

So basically, I pulled the pin and tossed the grenade into the middle of a group of otherwise rational adults who, upon hearing an opinion that does not directly coincide with their own, completely lost their shit.

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A wolfdog produced by Northernwoods Wolfdogs was taken off of a Facebook group for fit and healthy dogs and posted to an internet forum when an individual did not agree that the dog was a wolfdog.

This dog, a low content, has the liver (b) gene and blue eyes, which apparently was the basis for the phenotype as “no wolf content”.

The breeder was quite disappointed that someone would be making fun of one of her puppy buyers and a dog she produced.

Just as a cautionary tale - not just for wolfdogs, but for all animals: if you are not an expert and should do well to avoid spreading misinformation yourself. At very least, avoid absolute terms.

Full post from Northernwoods Wolfdogs [x]

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July 24, 2014

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Below are quotes (falsities) from HSUS propaganda followed by facts: →



(aka why HSUS is full of shit. Please donate to your local shelters! HSUS is NOT your local shelter.)

"Boa constrictors — the most popular in the pet trade — have predictably established more invasive populations than any of the other constrictor snakes"

FACT: There is…

This is something I am very angry about, who would like to see me make a PSA video on this?

I support anyone looking to put HSUS in their place

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i am digging these little greenhouse ideas. these are made by a Finnish company, but you could easily diy this. however, someone forgot to paint the reflection…

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Today is INTERNATIONAL TIGER DAY! … Let’s celebrate this amazing animal and help raise awareness about the problems the tiger is facing both in the wild and in captivity.

Read more here: http://www.earthtimes.org/politics/international-tiger-day-2014/2651/

take a page, mothernaturenetwork. support tigers PROPERLY and please stop promoting harmful facilities and practices.